Top 10 AI Tools for Presentation 2024

Presentations have just gotten better and easier with these top 10 AI Tools for Presentation. These tools have been carefully handpicked after exploring them. 

The importance of good presentation cannot be overemphasized, as such,  it is an advantage that you go through the list of the top 10 AI tools for presentation. 

AI tools have revolutionized the way we create, design, and deliver presentations, making the process more efficient and engaging. Whether you are an academician, content creator or team member looking for a seamless pattern to execute awesome presentations, read through this article to learn more.

Top 10 AI Tools for Presentation 

1. Beautiful.AI

The first on our list is Beautiful Ai. is transforming the way individuals create visually appealing documents with its presentation software. 

The Design AI enables users to craft impressive presentations effortlessly, offering over 70 intelligent slide templates. Wondering who utilizes It’s AI-driven presentation software designed for swift and straightforward creation of polished, contemporary slides that instill a sense of pride.

This is one of the top Ai tools for presentation. You can effortlessly craft striking presentations without the need to tweak individual element alignments, resizing, or animations. Additionally, with this Ai presentation tool, you are able to share the presentation with colleagues or clients through a link . 

The platform provides intelligent design suggestions through its user-friendly interface, streamlining the creation process. handles the aesthetics, allowing you to concentrate on your content. It also offers customizable templates, intelligent charts for data visualization, and analytics to monitor audience engagement.

Some Noteworthy Features of include Informative analytics that reveal the impact of individual slides in professional or academic settings, secure sharing which safeguards sensitive information while ensuring accessibility for key stakeholders and smooth integration that enables designing in and editing in PowerPoint.

Despite the visually appealing templates of Beautiful Ai, I discovered that I wasn’t allowed to embed video or audio for offline presentations. Also, I think there’s an excessive emphasis on using presentations for pitches or marketing, and there’s a restriction in terms of visual aids for learning.

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  • Automatically formats slides, offers design suggestions, and streamlines the creation process.


  • Limited control for users who prefer hands-on design.

2. Simplified Ai

Are you a content creator, part of a marketing team, a freelancer, or an influencer aiming to enhance content creation quickly for presentation? Then Simplified Ai is one of the top best Ai tools for presentation you need to add to your list.

Simplified Ai has diverse pre-designed templates and an extensive visual library, available even for free plan users, seamless integration with popular platforms like Google Drive and Shopify and allows effortless real-time collaboration on presentations.

You can consider this tool if you’re seeking a comprehensive design tool. With AI tools for creating presentations and their components, you can achieve professional-level designs at a highly affordable cost. 

However, I experienced certain setbacks while exploring this tool.While it’s mostly easy to use, initially, navigating through some advanced features took a bit. A more detailed tutorial could be handy. Also, adding more third-party app integrations could boost its usability.


  • User-friendly interface for a seamless experience.
  • Wide array of tools and high-quality designs/templates.


  • Basic presentations that require additional refinement.

3. Slides Ai

Another one of our top Ai tools for presentation is Slides Ai. Slides AI, a Chrome extension tailored for Google Slides, operates by receiving a topic and requesting elements to swiftly generate a presentation of up to 10 pages within minutes. 

This tool excels at adding slides, generating text, and formatting according to your input. Beyond slide creation, Slides AI offers a Magic Write feature, enabling sentence paraphrasing, suggesting images for presentations, and assisting in citation searches.

With, you can save time and energy in slide preparation, Craft polished and captivating presentations by using various presentation styles and customizable color schemes to make your presentations distinctive and leave an impact on your audience. It is also user-friendly, and your privacy is prioritized, requiring minimal permissions solely for slide creation.

Although this is an amazing tool, as a team lead, I found it lacking some necessary features for my presentation. 


  • Supports over 100+ languages
  • Since it already integrates with existing presentation tools, there is almost zero learning curve


  • Limited template library
  • Does not support advanced features like animations

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4. Tome

Tome stands out as a superb platform for crafting web-based presentations, interactive pitch decks, landing pages, and other content. While it excels in text and image generation, its standout features lie in its integrations. If you’re looking for a convenient method to include Figma layouts or YouTube videos in your presentations, give Tome a try.

Tome has swiftly risen to prominence as a leading AI presentation tool in the market since its launch in late 2022. Achieving remarkable growth, it boasts over 1 million users and facilitates the creation of live, interactive presentations, mood boards, design portfolios, pitch decks, webpages, and various other content. 

With a selection of over 25 templates for a convenient starting point, Tome’s intuitive generative AI empowers users to craft scripts, text, images, charts, and more with ease.

Another cool feature of this tool is its seamless language translations that enables you to share your presentations globally. It also gives exceptional customizable templates for the creation of pitch decks, marketing presentations, and educational presentations.

Unfortunately, while using Tomez I discovered that it comes with a potential learning curve, and the AI did not consistently match my particular preferences or writing style. Additionally, It necessitates an internet connection, could have restricted customization options, and cost considerations may arise for certain users.


  • Provides advantages such as AI-driven stories, interactive features, integrations, adaptable layouts, and analytical tools
  • locate and reference supporting materials for your assertions.
  • Seamlessly share presentations 


  • Lacks the capacity to tailor content to specific brand guidelines or requirements.
top ai presentation tools

5. DeckRobot

DeckRobot is one of the top Ai tools for presentation that quickly transforms your initial presentation drafts into polished decks. It ensures your final deck aligns with your company’s branding rules, keeping your look consistent. This saves time on design, and your information remains safe on your servers.

The top Features of DeckRobot include 

PowerPoint plug-in that refines your draft into a great presentation.


  • Data stays secure on your server.
  • Easily redesign with preset corporate branding in just one click.


  • This plug-in works with PowerPoint, so if you’re using a different platform, you’ll need to explore another AI solution.

6. Gamma

Gamma effortlessly generates presentations by typing a text prompt. A standout feature is watching Gamma create your presentation in real-time. Afterward, use generative AI to tweak any aspect to match your style. Gamma’s analytics feature allows you to track views and engagement at a detailed level.

This is one of the  top Ai tools for presentation that is  user-friendly, and employs  generative AI to build presentations with visual aids like charts and images automatically. The interface is a favorite, acting like a page builder where you can drag and drop elements, much like Gutenberg for WordPress.

Gamma Modifies your slide deck’s appearance anytime using the AI-powered presentation tool. It adds life to your presentations by embedding GIFs, charts, videos, and even websites, and allows you get instant feedback from viewers with quick reactions.

Although this Ai tool for presentation is one of the best, while exploring, I observed some limitations. Gamma has a limited variety of layout and design which is a hindrance to certain presentations.


  • Analytics tracking
  • Easily share online and gather feedback through comments


  • While templates allow extensive color customization, there’s limited variety in layout and design.

7. Presentation Ai is a smart tool using AI to make crafting professional presentation decks quick and easy. Its simple creation process helps users share their ideas faster with attractive designs that stay true to the brand. The tool has an easy-to-use interface, strong features, and real-time collaboration for team members. With the ability to turn ideas into decks instantly, cuts down the time and effort spent on design, letting users concentrate on important tasks.

What this means is that, this tool strives to minimize the time spent on creating presentations while enhancing the overall design quality. Using AI technology, the platform simplifies the creation process and provides numerous personalized design choices. Additionally, you can easily share, monitor, and analyze your presentations to gauge audience engagement. Unfortunately, I realized that some templates and slides are behind a paywall, restricting options for free users


  • Instant presentation creation from a single prompt.
  • Achieve the perfect final look with diverse presentation tools and customization options.


  • Lack of tutorials and documentation

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8. PowerPoint 

Microsoft, the pioneer in business software, introduced the widely acclaimed PowerPoint. While various business-oriented products exist, PowerPoint stands as the benchmark for creating presentations. Notably, it incorporates built-in AI features.

For users already immersed in Microsoft products, the exciting news is the ability to generate impressive designs for all presentations through artificial intelligence. A  standout feature in PowerPoint is the Rehearse with Coach AI tool.

 This tool records your voice and image to assess your performance, offering a professional critique. The rehearsal report analyzes aspects like body language, filler words, pace, and pitch, providing valuable insights into your presentation delivery.


  • AI Designer for slide generation
  • AI-driven addition of slides based on the original design
  • Generation of rehearsal reports for presentation feedback


  •  It isn’t a substitute for what a presenter must do.
  • Slides with too much information on them can become overwhelming.

9. Pitch

Pitch makes creating stylish presentations a breeze. Choose a template, add your content, and voila – a stunning deck is ready. You can share it via a link, present live, or embed it on the web. Pitch integrates seamlessly with popular tools like Slack, Vimeo, and YouTube.

It is a user-friendly presentation tool for sharing, recording, and presenting your deck. It allows the sharing of presentations involving collaborative efforts, enabling users to share with viewers while having the option to restrict access. 

Access to design-ready templates is provided, and customer support consistently exceeds expectations. Analytics offer additional details when presentations are sent to viewers.

However, even with the amazing features, I can testify that Pitch has its limitations. Editing and tweaking certain features for presentation appeared to be difficult.


  • Easy integration for adding content and sharing your deck effortlessly.
  • Analytics to track deck performance and identify areas for improvement.


  • While the AI-generated slides look great, editing features for slides can be a bit cumbersome.

10. Kroma Ai

Kroma is an AI-powered tool made for businesses and startups to create impressive PowerPoint slides and pitch presentations. It’s versatile, whether you’re pitching to investors, sharing ideas, proposing B2B services, or showcasing data. Kroma provides ready-to-use templates for slide presentations, saving time and ensuring professional-looking results.

What sets Kroma apart are its AI features and expert content, automating the creation of captivating slides. It simplifies data visualization with machine learning, bringing data to life using easy-to-use chart and graph tools. For B2B providers, Kroma helps create winning proposals efficiently, reducing time spent in contract negotiations with professionally designed templates.

Beyond presentations, Kroma offers a library of high-resolution visuals like images, videos, and icons. Easily incorporate these creative elements into your slides without searching for hours. 

With Kroma, there’s no need for a graphic designer; it’s an all-in-one platform for eye-catching presentations. You can customize settings like logos, brand colors, and fonts to make your slides unique.

Whether you’re pitching to investors or presenting ideas to your team, Just pick a template, select your colors, add your logo, and use the expertly generated content to enhance your presentation with input from industry leaders.


  • Access content from industry experts for a polished and professional presentation.
  • Use robust data visualization tools to make your numbers stand out.


  • Some parts of the user interface might not be very intuitive.

The Best Ai presentation tool for you

Choosing the best AI tool depends on individual preferences and presentation needs. However, for an optimal blend of user-friendly design, collaborative capabilities, and versatile functionality, Simplified Ai emerges as the top recommendation. 

Its intuitive interface and robust AI features strike a balance between accessibility for beginners and advanced options for seasoned presenters. Simplified Ai extensive template library and design suggestions make it an invaluable companion for crafting presentations that captivate and communicate effectively. 

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